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These  dance classes for adults are designed to provide a graceful and relaxing experience while learning a new form of art. Explore the soft fluid movements of Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical dance. Incorporate grace and beauty in synchronisation with music that allows you to relax and breathe. Open to beginners and those who have danced before. 

What to expect:
🌸Simple dance techniques that lead you to an expression of your self from deep within.

🌸The class involves light floor stretches, centre work, routines and cool down.

🟢Enhances elongation of perfect lines of fingers, arms and feet along with body alignment 
🟢Incorporate grace and beauty in synchronization with music that allows you to relax and breathe.

Who Is It For?

🌸Dance enthusiasts looking for a mindful practice

🌸 Beginners to dance

🌸 Fitness enthusiasts looking for something new to try

Class Timings Starting Apr 9th

Tue: 1930-2030 hrs

Thu: 1030-1130 hrs


Pay Per Class-Rs 625/-

Pack of 4 Classes (Rs 2350/-)-valid for 30 days

Pack of 8 Classes (Rs 4,600/-) valid for 60 days


Ms. Mridula Martis

Mridula Martis, Licentiate, UKA Blackpool has been teaching for the past 22 years. Her clientele include 2 year olds to 70 year olds.
She has trained In Ballet, Jazz, Hiphop, Latin and Ballroom. 
She is also a chartered accountant and worked with KPMG for 6 years before travelling to London to train in dance
Her book "there is a dance for every song" published in 2006 charts Her journey into dance.

Program Details


Know More...

1. I'm a beginner to any dance form. Can I sign up for this class?

Yes, no prior experience or expertise is required to take part in these classes. The objective of the class is to incorporate grace and beauty in synchronisation with music that allows you to relax and breathe. 


2. What are the dance forms that will be taught in class?

These classes will explore the forms of Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical dance. 

3. Incase I miss a class, how will I catch up?

We understand that personal/work exigencies can prevent you from attending a class at times. Each day's practice is different, so what you missed in one class may get repeated in the future classes. Special catch up classes are not possible. 

4. How many classes should I attend?

Continuous practice is a key to acquiring or maintaining any skill in life. If you enjoy the format and the experience, we suggest that you attend atleast one class a week.

For Other Information

Phone/WhatsApp Number- 6362198060

Email ID-

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