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Drop The (Mental) Weight: with Meghna Verma

This modern meditation experience is designed for busy lives that give us little time for mental rest. You will experience a fusion of meditation methods drawn from ancient Yogic philosophy, Zen Buddhism and more. Led by our Senior Instructor, Ms. Meghan Verma, each session is sure to leave your mind feeling lighter. 


1. Simple, easy guidance with practical examples

2. Device free zone

3. Serene ambience to help the mind reduce distractions and go inwards

4. Experience different methods

5. Easy to add to any existing fitness/work schedule


Ms. Meghna Varma

Meghna has over 8 years of teaching experience in multiple styles of Yoga. She has completed her M.Sc. in Yoga from S-VYASA Yoga University. She is also a 6 time practitioner of the 10- day residential Vipassana meditation. Her classes are known for leaving learners with perspectives drawn from her rich knowledge and practice of the philosophy of Yoga. With SAMA, she is delving into sharing the inner journey of Yoga, its internalization and meditation practices. 

She is an avid traveller and constantly expands her knowledge and practice of Yoga.

Program Details

Drop The (Mental) Weight: with Meghna Verma

Know More...

1. I find it difficult to sit with my eyes closed for a long time. Will I able to take up this class?

Yes, no prior experience or expertise is required to take part in these classes. If you find it physically or mentally difficult to sit or keep your eyes closed on a particular day, you will be able to take self-breaks and come back to the practice.


2. I have never done meditation. Is this class appropriate for me?

These classes are beginner friendly and enough support is provided at the Studio to make your experience comfortable. From using wall support to additional bolsters to sit comfortably and simple instructions, we  are committed to welcoming all practice levels.

3. Incase I miss a class, how will I catch up?

We understand that personal/work exigencies can prevent you from attending a class at times. As this class will happen once a week, we request you to drop in for the next class on the schedule. Each day's practice is different, so what you missed in one class may get repeated in the future classes.

4. How many classes should I attend to feel grounded and calm?

Continuous practice is a key to maintaining any skill in life. Meditation is no different. There is no fixed duration in which one can master the process. However, with practice, you will notice a shift in your response to situations, decreased anger, deeper breath and an overall sense of internal peace.

For Program Pricing & Other Information

Phone/WhatsApp Number- 6362198060

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