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Experience the benefits of Aerial Yoga with our Signature Level 1 Program at SAMA Studio. This unique form of yoga allows you to achieve deeper stretches and poses with the support of silk hammocks. Not only does Aerial Yoga provide a fun and challenging workout, but it also relieves stress and increases flexibility. Our Level 1 Program is perfect for beginners, introducing you to the basics of Aerial Yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Come fly with us and elevate your yoga practice.

Available Batches:

June Batch 1- 0930-1100  hours- 5/5 Booked SOLD OUT

June Batch 2- 1600-1730 hours- 5/5 Booked SOLD OUT

June Batch 3- 1945-2115 hours- 5/5 Booked SOLD OUT

July Batches

Sat and Sun- 0930-1100 hours- Batch 1

Sat and Sun- 1530-1700 hours- Batch 2

1. Sat, July 20 (Class 1)
2. Sun, July 21 (Class 2)
3. Sat,  July 27 (Class 3)
4. Sun, July 28 (Class 4)
5. Sat, Aug 3rd (Class 5)
6. Sun,Aug 4th (Class 6)
7. Sat, Aug 10th (Class 7)
8. Sun Aug 11th (Class 8)

Tue and Wed- 1945-2115 hrs-Batch 3

1. Tue, July 23rd
2. Wed, July 24th
3. Tue,  July 30th 
4. Wed, July 31st
5. Tue, Aug 6th
6. Wed ,Aug 7th
7. Mon, Aug 12th
8. Tue, Aug 13th.

1 catch up class is provided incase the participant is unable to attend a class due to any reasons. This will be a group class and the date will be shared separately.

Each class 1.5 hours. Please note that all 8 classes have to be booked/completed together. 

Price for Level 1- Rs 10,800/-

Regular Classes

Participants that have completed the Level 1 program can sign up for regular classes. Timings and price is given below:

Weekday Timings:

1945-2045, Wed and Fri

Weekend Timings:

1545-1645, Sat

Pack of 8 classes (valid for 6 weeks) available. 


Mr. Abhishek Tripathi

Humane, Empath and a true believer of Yoga Philosophy “Abhishek” is a Yoga and Wellness Coach duly certified by Ministry of Ayush, Government of India as “Yoga Wellness Instructor”. A diploma holder in 300 hours Residential course in Multi Style Yoga and a certification in 200 hours Residential course in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, certified by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals. 
A ‘Primal Kinesics Yoga Flowist’ where-in the Primal Flow has really intrigued Abhishek to take his Yoga Journey a step ahead with those natural, ground based supple movements at the same time incorporating those fundamental principles of Yoga Philosophy.
Hearts-ease, Well-being, Compassion, Peace and Love are some of his key ideologies which he always promotes through all his sessions and International Workshops.

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Program Details

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Know More

-Body and Mind Preparedness
-Silk Connection
-Therapeutic approach with Foundation Postures
-Therapeutic approach with Intermediate Postures
-Calm Mind Practices 


>Wrist Mobilisation
>Shoulder conditioning 
>Core Strength 

-Warrior 1 & Warrior 2. 
-Flying Cobra
-Downward Facing Dog with Abdominal twist
-Aerial Planks- Elbow and Palms & Aerial Side Planks- Vashisthasana
-Aerial Lizard & Aerial Pigeon 
-The SPIN 
-Aerial Camel 
-Supported Wheel Pose or Chakrasana
-Pyramid & Hanuman Asana Drill
-Tree Pose & Tree Pose Back Bend
-Tree Pose Side Angle Stretch
-Inverted Spidey & Inverted Spidey Split
-Inverted Goddess 
-Aerial Cocoon/ Shavasana

To Register & Block Your Slot
(Only 4 slots per batch)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I compensate for missed classes?

The program is designed for a group of participants to progress together from the mat to the hammock in the shortest duration that is safely possible.

We provide 1 catch up class the date of which will be announced on the first day of the program.

2. Who should avoid this program?

Although the program is safe for most people, we suggest that if you have any of the following conditions, you should take your doctor's approval before signing up:

1. Vertigo

2. Cardiac conditions

3. Low Blood Pressure

4. Any fractures/ligament tears

5. Any cervical conditions

Get In Touch

Phone/WhatsApp Number- 6362198060

Email ID-

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