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Time-Bound , Holistic, Learn in Class, Practice At Home 

Our short-term programs are designed to help you acquire a new skill or begin a lifestyle change through in-classroom mind-body interventions.

5 to 50 hour programs

Based on Yoga & Other  Science Backed Protocols

Guided by experienced instructors

Practice with community

Option to continue the practice through regular classes at SAMA

Practical tips & tools for self-practice

Current Programs


1. Can I join the program a few days after it has started?

As the programs are time-bound and designed for a cohort to progress together, we will not be able to accommodate any delayed start. 

2. Do I have an option of catching up incase I miss a day or two of the program?

You can join the next class of the program as per the ongoing schedule. Catch up classes will not be possible as the schedule is designed around specific class timings and days+instructor availability.

3. How will I be able to implement the learnings in the program into my daily routine?

You have taken the first step to bring about a change by devoting time to be a part of the program. To keep the practice going, we recommend that you devote atleast 30-60. mins per day at your end. You are welcome to join us at the Studio for regular ongoing classes as well.

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