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The impact of stress in our daily lives is most visible on our faces. Combined with the natural effects of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of collagen etc, our face takes up an equal amount of toll of the modern lives. Research studies have shown that "stress can trigger a rapid increase in biological age, which can be reversed"*.

Our Signature Face Yoga program is designed to help participants learn tools and techniques to reduce stress and rejuvenate the face.


The Program starts starts with building awareness and gratitude towards one's appearance and initiation of self-love. Through a series of mindful hand movements, techniques to gently massage and activate each part of the face (from the forehead to the eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin) is demonstrated and practiced . Asanas/postures that improve digestion and purify the blood are also demonstrated and practiced. 4 different techniques of breath-work for quick stress relief and 3 meditation techniques are also included in the program.


1. Easy to practice techniques learned under the guidance of a Senior Instructor

2. Repeated practice to ensure proficiency

3. BreathWork and Meditation in each class to calm the stress

4. A 15 minute daily ritual guide for post class practice

5. Understand the importance of inner calm for outer beauty.

Upcoming Batches


Offline Classes

9.30 AM to 10.30 AM, Tuesday and Thu (May 2nd to May 28th)- Total 8 classes, 8 hours

Offline Classes -Essentials (Weekend)

11.30 AM-1.30 PM, Saturday, May 18th and Saturday, May 25th- Total 2 classes, 4 hours

Program Highlights


Evidence Based Protocols

We offer evidence-based yoga protocols that aid in the rejuvenation of facial muscles thereby imparting a renewed appearance. According to a study done at Northwestern Medicine, a 30-minute daily or alternate-day facial exercise program sustained over 20 weeks improved the facial appearance of middle-aged women, resulting in a younger appearance with fuller upper and lower cheeks.


Self- Reliance

The protocols and techniques taught in class are geared towards making our members self-reliant in using Face Yoga for ageing smartly. 


Device Detox

Our studio is a device free zone, allowing you to detach from the constant stimulation of the digital world. The classes are tailored to challenge your mind and body in a calming, supportive atmosphere.


Experienced Instructors

Our team is comprised of experienced instructors with more than 6 years of teaching experience at the intersection of Science & Yoga Philosophy, Therapy and Practice. 


Holistic Approach

The program follows a holistic approach of integrating our mind, breath and body. An internal sense of calm and awareness is essential for external apperance.


Ms. Meghna Varma

Meghna has over 8 years of teaching experience in multiple styles of Yoga. She has completed her M.Sc. in Yoga from S-VYASA Yoga University. Her classes are known for leaving learners with perspectives drawn from her rich knowledge and practice of the philosophy of Yoga. With SAMA, she is delving into sharing the inner journey of Yoga, its internalization and meditation practices. 

She is an avid traveller.

Ms. Shivani Bagyal

Shivani has been teaching Yoga for more than 6 years. She discovered Yoga at a really young age as she grew up Rishikesh. She has completed her B.A in Yoga and is passionate about sharing its transformative power with others.

Outside of her practice, she loves to spend time in nature, explore new places, trying a variety of food and learning something new.

Lady Instructor

Program Details


Know More...

1. 1. What are the benefits of Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is helpful in reducing the effect on stress and age factors on our faces. Through consistent practice, one's face will look rejuvenated, toned and youthful


2. Do I require any tools for Face Yoga?

Tools such as massagers, gua-sha are optional. Most of the exercises and massages can be performed safely with bare hands.


3. How often do I need to practice Face Yoga?

Like any activity, consistent practice is necessary for results. Spending 10 mins everyday is also good enough.


4. What is the recommended age to practice Face Yoga?

We suggest this for anyone over the age of 18.


5. Can men practice Face Yoga?

Yes, the exercises are recommended for both genders as they not only help in toning the face but also to reduce the impact of stress on our jawline, forehead, eyes etc.


6. Incase I miss a class, how will I catch up?

We understand that personal/work exigencies can prevent you from attending a class at times. Although a catch- up class is not possible, do speak with your Instructor in advance so they can help you with the best alternative to learn what you missed.

Pay and Register

Please share your name and the program you are interested in (offline/online) on the chat below to receive a payment link.

Phone/WhatsApp Number- 6362198060

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