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Mental Wellness Should Be Preventive

This is our inspiration behind SAMA

Our lives are dominated by technology- from devices to gadgets to Apps and more. The constant demand on our time and attention is taxing for the mind. And when we look for ways to relax , most of the options are either available online (Health Apps, content etc) or are temporary in nature (movies, restaurants, spas etc.) 

योगस चित्त वृत्ति निरोध: 

On the other hand is Yoga which by definition is the stilling or controlling of the modifications or fluctuations of the mind.  While the asana practice is widespread and has become synonymous with the word Yoga itself, physical spaces that impacts the mind are few.  All the higher practices of Yoga take a practitioner from the gross to the subtle (body to the breath and the mind).

A search for similar physical spaces in the IT hub of Bangalore led us to a void. Why can't meditation be made enjoyable? Why can't we make our connection with our breath stronger? SAMA is our attempt to fill that gap and provide Bengalureans with a space to care for and calm their mind.

After all, mental wellness should be preventive.


We are...

...a team of passionate entrepreneurs and Yoga teachers who are on a mission to make preventive care for the mind in a physical space an everyday habit. Our instructors are certified and experienced in breathwork, meditation and various styles and schools of Yoga. Our board of mentors consists of Yoga masters and gurus. Come meet us at SAMA!

Certifications held by our teachers

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