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Ageless-002 (Weekday)

This course can no longer be booked.

8 Hour Face Yoga Program

  • Ended
  • 5,000 Indian rupees
  • SAMA Studio, Whitefield

About The Program

The impact of stress in our daily lives is most visible on our faces. Combined with the natural effects of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of collagen etc, our face takes up an equal amount of toll of the modern lives. Our signature Face Yoga program is designed to bring awareness of the facial anatomy, causes of wrinkles and other age factors and to facilitate learning of massage and other techniques to counter this. The practice is much about inner calm as it is about smoothening the lines and creases. Program Structure: 1. 8 classes, 1 hour each 2. Stress management through mindfulness for a holistic benefit 3. Facial exercises, massages and other techniques for a facial rejuvenation 4. Do at home activities to be performed throughout the program 5. Post program routine that can be followed at home Fees: Rs 5,000/- (Actual Price Rs 7,500) About The Instructor: Meghna Verma Senior Instructor in Yoga and Mindfulness Meghna has over 8 years of teaching experience in multiple styles of Yoga. She is also pursuing her M.Sc. in Yoga from S-VYASA Yoga University. Her classes are known for leaving learners with perspectives drawn from her rich knowledge and practice of the philosophy of Yoga. With SAMA, she is delving into sharing the inner journey of Yoga, its internalization and meditation practices. FAQs 1. What are the benefits of Face Yoga? Face Yoga is helpful in reducing the effect on stress and age factors on our faces. Through consistent practice, one's face will look rejuvenated, toned and youthful 2. Do I require any tools for Face Yoga? Tools such as massagers, gua-sha are optional. Most of the exercises and massages can be performed safely with bare hands. 3. How often do I need to practice Face Yoga? Like any activity, consistent practice is necessary for results. Spending 10 mins everyday is also good enough. 4. What is the recommended age to practice Face Yoga? We suggest this for anyone over the age of 18. 5. Can men practice Face Yoga? Yes, the exercises are recommended for both genders as they not only help in toning the face but also to reduce the impact of stress on our jawline, forehead, eyes etc.


1. SAMA Studio reserves the right to deny entry to any member if they are deemed to be medically unfit for the class. 2. No refunds in part or full will be issued under any circumstances.

Contact Details

  • SAMA: The Calm Mind Studio, Whitefield Road, Whitefield, Sathya Sai Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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