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Use Code: findmycalm at checkout for a
complimentary class at SAMA.

We recommend that you choose from one of the following classes as your first calm mind experience.


Choose your Class and Book Online

What is a calm mind experience?

Our class schedule is available on our website and through our WhatsApp booking system. The class title and description indicate the theme and the calm mind practice of the day. Our members enjoy unlimited classes. You can also pay per class.


Disconnect from Devices

Devices are one of the major contributors to physical and mental stress in our lives. We are careful of not letting the battery of our devices drain out but are rarely so mindful about the battery of our mind.

As you walk into the Studio, you will be asked to deposit all the devices in our safe lockers. Being fully present in the physical world by doing this simple act is the first step in slowing down the mind.


Lay Your Mat and Let Our Instructors Guide You

Our certified Instructors will guide you through the class. With small number, you will benefit from more individual attention and more personal space to enjoy the practice. We provide all the props required for a class.  A changing room is available.


Sound, Aroma, Light To Complete The Experience.

A calming sound track, an invigorating aroma or mellow lights to rest the mind- each class has a different and unique multi-sensory element- a SAMA Signature experience.

What to expect at  SAMA?

Something New Everyday

Gentle and Beginner-Friendly

Serene, Device-Free Ambience

Small Class Size

Mind-First Class Format

Certified Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions

1 /I don't have an active fitness routine at the moment. Can I enroll for the classes?

Our classes include movements based on Yoga guided by patient Instructors. It is the safest way to get started with an active routine.

2 /How many classes a week should I attend?

The city life puts strain on our mind on a daily basis. Traffic, work, kids, career, finances, relationships-the list is endless. 

A 60-min daily retreat and a break from the chaos is ideal, but coming in a few times a week is also a good way to get started.

3 / What are the membership options?

You can choose a plan depending on how consistent you wish to be. We offer a 10 and 20 class packages and  quarterly memberships. Please speak with our team to get more details on a plan that works the best for you.

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No 307, 3rd Floor, Prime Square, Above Simpli Namdharis, Next to Prestige White Meadows, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru-560066

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